Chandrayaan 2 Mission Not A Failure. Orbiter Is Active

ON September 7th 2019 Around 2 am in the night Chandrayaan 2 was going to land on the surface of the moon that to south pole where no other countries till date has explored before. Billions were eagerly waiting for the successful landing of the chandrayaan 2 on moon. More than 100 million people were hooked to Television set, Youtube, Nat geo channel, Hotstar and some other live streaming apps to witness the live successful landing of the lander vikram and rover pragyan. But what happened actually during the last few minutes of the landing before that lets first understand what Chandrayaan 1 mission was all about to get some clarity on the current mission as well.

Information on Chandrayaan 1 Mission

Chandrayaan 1 was launched on 22 October 2008 and on 14 November, 2008 Chandrayaan orbiter seperated from Moon Impact probe (MIP) and MIP then hit the south pole in scientific controlled way which ejected the sub surface soil to be analysed for the presence of water or ice. Thus became the fourth country having its flag on moon after America, Russia and China. Chandrayaan 1 orbiter studied moon for almost 1 year encircling the orbit of the moon for almost 3400 times and helped ISRO
to find breakthrough discovery of water molecules on the surface of the moon which was a great news for the world where most advanced space research companies like NASA was not able to find it. In this mission there was no lander and rover were used.

Chandrayaan 2 Mission Details and Time line

Back to Chandrayaan 2, after successful launch on 22 July, 2019 carrying Lunar orbiter, Lander – Vikram and Rover – Pragyan along with it. Between 23rd July to 13th August the Chandrayaan 2 was orbiting around the earth after every cycle it was getting close to moon by using thrust. Between 21st august to 1st September 2019 it started orbiting the moon. Till now all the three part the orbiter, lander – vikram and rover – pragyan traveled together but on 2nd September 2019 the lander – Vikram with rover – pragyan inside successfully separated from the orbiter and continued to orbit of the moon for 3 days.

On 7th September around 1.30 am the most difficult part of the mission when the lander was 35 km above the landing surface it used pre programmed landing technology to reach to the moon surface everything as going fine Lander – Vikram just above 5-6 km from the surface ISRO scientist can be seen clapping. Around reaching a height of 2.1km the communication was lost and people were able to make out something
wrong has happened. But chairman K Sivan updating something to Our PM Narendra Modi and later announcing that we lost the communication from the lander Vikram. Narendra Modi motivated the scientist that be courage and patting the back of the k Sivan. He also addressed the ISRO around 8 pm on 7th September, 2019 and motivated the scientist through his speech which was need an hour to lift their courage Pm also consoled the chairman S Kivan by hugging him who was tears.

Lander – Vikram mission would have lasted only 14 days but would have given us great findings from the moon. But we are still not sure whether its crashed or made a perfect landing because it lost the connection 2.1 km above the ground. The orbiter is well in place and it will study the moon for at least one year which is good news. Hoping for a miracle that
lander – Vikram will communicate with ISRO. What do you think do comment.

All Indians seems to show that they are so proud of ISRO and felt heartbroken on seeing K Sivan crying. But there were also some people full of hate from pakistan what else you can expect from them, who started posting hate tweets but they got very hard bashing from their own people.

Here Comes the haters tweet he is the minister for science and technology who himself don’t have money to invest in education and space research but have money to test weapons such a looser.

Beggars from pakistan

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