Story Of Poorest Cabinet Minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi Is He Really Poor?

Do you want to know the story of Pratap Chandra Sarangi who is doing rounds on internet and getting lot of attention in especially in India as poorest cabinet minister of 2019. But the question is is he really so poor and how if being poor he is able to win the election without spending money, as we know politicians spends hell lot of money to create self awareness so they can win the election.

Credits: India TV

Lets get to the point the story of this famous man Pratap Chandra Sarangi. He was born on 1955 in balasore in the state of odisha. He is living a simple life since then. He wished to be monk and also have attempted to get himself associated with Ramkrishna Math. But was rejected on knowing that he has a widowed mother and was asked to take care of her. He wanted to contribute to society so he started involving in various social activities.

He was the chief of bajrang dal in the year 1999 and from their on his political journey started. He knew if wish to bring a major change in the society where he was continuously involved he need to have a bigger platform from where things can be done quickly. So with the same aim he fought the loksabha election in the year 2014 but he lost BJD candidate. Bu the didnt lost the hope again he was given a ticket in the 2019 loksabha election and to the surprise he won against the same opponent of BJD who has more power and money. He also got himself into cabinet of minister where he will be managing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries under his portfolio. He got this success at the age of 64, impressive isn’t it. He also got the loudest cheer from the audience during oath ceremony.

Now the real question is he really poor, the answer is no. yes he he lives simple life he has declared assest worth 15 lakh in his nomination affidavit. But against the average declaration of INR 4 crore of others BJP candidate he is poor among them.

Moral: Money doesn’t buy you success its your hardwork and determination. If you liked the story share with family and friends.

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