How JCB Became Social Media Sensation With #JCBkiKhudai Trending Across India

JCB has become social media sensation across India in no matter of time. JCB is the heavy duty machine which is used to carry out heavy operation for digging, loading and removing heavy objects. This time JCB has not done any thing extraordinary which makes them trending rather something unusual tweet make them trend across multiple social media platform in India. In India JCB is the household name, more or less every Indian knows when it comes to heavy duty work for construction JCB can only have the ability to operate such heavy work like digging, loading and removing the obstacle.

Kids also love watching JCB videos and many of them also have the toy miniature of JCB at home check here. If you do not have just gift it to your kids they will love them like anything.

A twitter user named Monica noticed and share a screenshot of Youtube where JCB video performing operation garnered millions of views hinting that not only on roads hundreds of people stand to watch JCB operating heavy duty work but also on Youtube there are millions of people watching this kind of video hinting how idle people are.

After monica thousands of peple joined the wagon and started tweeting about the same and started sharing various JCB memes across social media platform with hashtag #JcbKiKhudai started trending in no time.

Even Official handle of JCB Shared and happiness and thanked Indians for their overwhelmed love and response for JCB.

Enjoy some funny meme on JCB.

You will love this one

India Loves JCB over any other cars

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