How to Gain Muscle Fast, Best 5 Tips Read Now!

how to gain muscle fast is the fist question and top priority now a days amongst the gym goers. Mostly it is Seen that 90% people who Dream about having a good body fail in Building their Muscle and that is because they only focus on their workout ignoring their diet. People don’t understand that more than the workout it is their diet which plays a major role.

Best 5 Foods To Help You To Quickly Gain Muscle.

When we talk about Muscle Growth or gaining muscle fast the first thing which is very important for muscle growth is the Calories. We need Lots of calories mainly found in Macro nutrients like Carbs, Proteins, Fats. It is Very important to know the the amount of macro nutrients required as per your body weight.

  1. Water: Do you know that 75% of the muscle tissue is made because of water. So after your workout you need to drink lots of water as the muscles needs to be hydrated to maintain
    the energy and stay strong.
  2. Sweet potatoes: Many People might not be aware about the benefits of sweet is filled with
    fibre,potassium and vitamins. So you can have it as a snacks after your workout.
  3. Flax Seeds: Flax seeds not only helps is gaining muscles but also helps in reducing unwanted has
    Omega 3 and fibers in reduces the swelling from the body after the workout.
  4. Almonds: It is full of Protein, fibers and Vitamin E.It has antioxidants which helps in recovering the
    body after the workout along with increasing the energy level and reducing the risk of high cholesterol.
  5. Chicken: If you are a Non-Vegetarian then chicken is the best food to helps in repairing the tissues of the muscles. Almond with protein it is also filled with Vitamin 6 ,Iron and Zink.
    For Muscle repair and growth protein is required. Protein can be found in veg and non veg both. But it is often seen that the regular meal is not sufficient for the gaining muscle and it is advised to go for protein supplements (whey protein is the best ).

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