Bizarre Facts Of Cricket Worldcup 2019

Facts of Cricket worldcup 2019 which will be the most controversial tournament in the history of cricket. It was the tournament which people all around the world had wait for 4 years. This was the 12th edition of worldcup which the world has witnessed. And with the technological advancements in the cricket sports the expectations were very high with ICC to host the Cricket Worldcup 2019 in a best possible manner while not compromising with any of the things such as hospitality, cameraman, ground staff, security, commentators and the list goes on.

Where England managed to score plus points

They scored plus points when it comes to security for the audience and players, good number of experts commentators were hired from all over the world to make cricket worldcup 2019 more interesting and appealing in each country. So irrespective of countries where cricket worldcup 2019 was aired had their countries known cricket personalities as commentators. To make it more appealing for Indian’s where it is considered as religion Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Sourav ganguly, Harbhajan Singh, Sanjay Manjrekar and Akash Chopra were given responsibilities to make it more interesting for Indian’s.

But this Cricket Worldcup 2019 turned out to be one of the worst managed worldcup as well. It drew too much of criticism from cricket lover’s across the world due various ill managed things happened through the event. And not only people but even cricketer’s criticised the ICC for various things which you can read it below.

Bizarre Facts of Cricket Worldcup 2019

  • Rains played spoil spot for many teams and limit their chances to reach to semis as many as 4 matches were abandoned due to rain. It delayed many matches making the match less enjoyable to to frequent disruption and also semi final match between India VS New Zealand continued for 2 days due to disruption on day one. ICC faced too many backlashes of keeping Worldcup 2019 during rainy season.

  • Lack of groundsmen support staff to manage the pitch and out field in the event of rain. Due to which 4 matches were abandoned to to wet out field.
  • Poor umpiring across the number of matches received backlash from people all around the world a total of 21 decision were overturned by third umpire via review.
  • A number of uncountable decision given by umpire which cannot be overturned due to no reviews left with the team. There were many instances were umpires really created a blundered take example of Jason Roy wicket against Australia and Ross Taylor wicket in the finals.
  • Even third umpires made huge mistakes during taking decision classic example was the lbw out given to Rohit Sharma were camera clearly displayed the ball first hit the bat and then the pad.
  • No rain covers to cover the entire pitch and out field, Sourav ganguly slammed ICC for such poor mismanagement by comparing it with India. He said tough England is modern and technological advance then India but India manages such events far better than England but showing example of Kolkata (Eden Garden) and Banglore (Chinnaswami Stadium).
  • Extra 4 given to team England due to overthrow which hits the ben stokes and ball went to cross boundary line that to at crucial part of the match that to in final over. Many Legend cricketers and umpires slammed dharamsena for this.
  • After 100 overs of play, 241 played 241. Then, to determine a winner – a Super Over. And, yep, that finished 15-15. Somehow, they tied the tiebreaker. Can you get more cricket than that
  • One match of India abandoned due to rain must have costed insurance company whooping 100 cr. Read here
  • Only worldcup whose final match ended in a tie.
  • Only match whose Super over also got tie where each team ended up making 15 runs in 6 balls.
  • World first time witnessed super over getting tie and ultimately team with most boundaries has given the cup based on this England was declared winner. ICC got massive backlash from the cricket lovers

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