5 Tips On How To Dress Smart

Smart dressing is one of the key element in everybody’s life. It decides your sense for fashion and confidence on how you carry yourself. Confidence is the key in whatever you wear. If you are not confident even if you have wore best of the clothes you would look down by the people that’s harsh reality. For example we know the dressing sense of Ranveer Singh is quite different from other male celebrity but the way he carry with his confidence changes the perception of everyone. It’s not easy to know and follow everything about fashion. Accessories are another key factor to add charm to your dressing so always carry sort of accessories complementing your dress with occasion.

Credits: Wikimedia commons

We bring you 5 useful tips and tricks to improve your dressing sense.

  1. Focus on strengths: One needs to know the Basics of fashion, you should look for styles that stress on your body strength which will make you feel more comfortable and confident. You can always add vibrant colours to your skirts or pants.
  2. Quality versus Quantity: Always keep quality in mind whenever you are buying fashion pieces. Never go for quantity over quality because by doing this it will not have that impact which you are looking for, so buy few good pieces which can create an impact.
  3. Try New Things: It is always advisable to stick to what works best for you. But you should also be going along with the latest fashion. So don’t hesitate to try new fashions out. Try using your old clothes to combine different complementary clothes and alter it where ever required.
  4. Stay Simple: You must have heard about the famous quote “Simplicity is the best Policy” the same policy is applicable in your fashion also. Whenever you are confused and don’t have much time Just keep it simple. Wear less accessories and go for the standard black colour dress. It works every time.
  5. Know your Accessories: Your Accessories is one of the most import things when it comes to fashion. If you are not wearing the right accessories and shoes it can break your outfit. Wearing the right piece of jewelry and a perfect belt can really tie your outfit together creating a good impression about your fashion sense.

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