Top 10 Facts About Game Of Thrones (GOT)

Game of thrones is in its last season and people are going mad as they do not want to miss any single episode as social media is bombarded with spoilers and they do not want to spoil their mood by knowing the suspense before watching any episode. Even the one who have not yet watched game of throne a.ka. GOT have started watching it from season 1 due its vast popularity and they want to be in that GOT clan as a show off.

Top 10 facts about Game of Thrones (GOT)

Below are the facts which not even the hardcore fans are aware about.

  1. Whopping $6 million is the per episode budget of Game of Thrones that’s huge.
  2. Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter is also amongst the cast who is non other then Oona Chaplin as (Talisa).
  3. In season one the dire wolf role has been played actually not by wolf but by the dog. The breed is known as Northern Inuit Dog.
  4. The most pirated show in the year 2012 was Game pf Thrones that’s the popularity of the show amongst the mass.
  5. Initially Bethesda Softworks was approached to produce the GOT series by they refused as they were engaged in producing skyrim. I think the decision is still haunting them.
  6. The lady who played character of Shae is actually a porn star with onscreen name dilara.
  7. According to reports Game of Thrones has the world’s highest fan engagement rates compare to any TV series.
  8. To create Dothraki language HBO has hired and linguistic expert which comprised of 1800 words.
  9. George RR Martin has shown even the hero character die like a small character because if it is not shown this way then he would be dishonest to not to show how war kill heroes same like a minor character.
  10. Daenerys ate ‘Horse Heart’ for Khal Drogo was actually a 3 pound mass of gummy bear.

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