Kohli Meets Queen Elizabeth Ahead Of worldcup 2019 And Their Memes Are Trending

As you know Cricket World cup 2019 is happening in England and people have waited for 4 years to celebrate cricket festival all around the world. Before the start of world cup all the captains of participating teams had been invited to Royal Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth being very old but still proactively hosted the guest and interacted which each and every captain. Many pictures are surfing on the internet and people can’t get enough and are going crazy. All the pictures have attracted great responses from many country has cricket is one of the sports famous all around over the world.

Indian people have started creating meme on one such instance where queen can be seen laughing while talking to kohli and people are guessing what can be the reason for this hilarious moment between the two.

Check out hilarious Meme people have created and you can have some laugh which will make your day.

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