What is FaceApp and Why FaceApp is going VIRAL

FaceApp an AI based face detection application which can make changes to your face and shows you how you are going to look in your old days is going viral over internet. AI based FaceApp uses advanced level of coding and algorithm and converts your current photo in a manner which looks more realistic when you see your aged converted photograph. Click Here to download the faceApp.

Main thing with FaceApp is that it slightly add beauty to your old photo and that’s the reason people are loving it and sharing their present vs future looks photo because people are find themselves more beautiful or handsome looking at their converted aged photos converted by FaceApp.

FaceApp has crossed 100 million users with 80 million as active user. Internet is stormed with images of famous celebrities and people are sharing their pics to have some fun with their friends and families.

Some are raising concern on using such apps because it gives access to your gallery and it post you photos without your permission. Also processing images with such AI based app can pose danger in future if it got in the hands of notorious people. But till then enjoy the fun and share this with our near and dear ones.

Some good list of pictures shared by different FaceApp users

No app can make Anil Kapoor look like old age

Virat still has angryman spark

Look at tiger shroff totally unrecognisable

Even ESPN got struck by this app

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